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Video Music Awards

The VMA's are MTV's most highlighted event of the year. They are known for
creating pop culture history with their unpredictable moments. For this campaign,
we didn't want to make any promises as to what would materialize on stage. Instead, we wanted to create and tease the allure of what might happen. Working from pitch
& concept phase all the way through execution, I helped establish the brand of this years award show.

208 VMA

Client: MTV     –     My Role: Concept, Art Direction & Design
SVP: Thomas Berger     –      CD: Rebecca Simmnowitz     –     Animation Director: Tim Livezey
Animation: EuSung Do, Pete Kearney, Chloe Rose Bush, David Fiddler     –     Art Direction & Design: Casiel Kaplan, Michael Gonzalez
Copy: Hannah VanderPoel, Justin Freidus     –      Producers: Lisa Nussbaum, May Azcue

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